5 scenes / Runtime 100 min /PAL/NTSC



Rose #30


17 min /HD/Mobile


I was having lunch with Rose in a nice restaurant. Then we went home and had a coffee. Rose had a shower after. She started the scene when I was sitting on the table and tried to get the...



Rose #26


33 min /HD/Mobile


Some months ago I met with sexy Rose. I picked her up at the station and we went to my apartment. She was hungry and thirsty because she could not buy anything in the train with...



Rose #24


21 min /HD/Mobile


I got a mail from a biiig fan of Rose. He wished us to do some bodysushi action. Maybe you know that scene from the movie "Sex And The City". Anyway... We liked the idea and we went to buy ...



Rose #15


22 min /HD/Mobile


It was late in the afternoon and I told Rose about the shooting with Abbie, when we used a candle for playing with hot wax. First she was a little afraid to do that but



Rose #11


26min /HD/Mobile


Rose arrived around noon on this day and I took her to a little shopping tour. As we walked by a lingerie store we decided to buy something for today´s shooting. Rose was equipped like a normal girl and didn´t have any special things usually porn models...