Yasmine is cleaning her face after a massive facial


These pages will give you a view behind the scenes of CUMFORTUNE.Here you can read my very personal experience during my shootings.

This could be helpfull if you like to get bigger cumloads, prolong your climax or other stuff.

Did you know that for producing a big cumload you don´t need to buy any product which is promoted as a "Miracle substance". Just slightly adopt your diat and you will achieve that.

There are also very simple tricks to prolong your climax. It is quite easy to not ejaculate in the first minutes you "stick it in" and give your girl the oportunity to have one or more orgasms too. In porn the girls know how to act and it is always a pleasure to watch them them losing control when the are realizing that they cant avoid the climax and then completely get lost in that intense feeling. Sometimes it is easy to get them to this point, sometimes it is "hard" work. It is all a matter of mood and chemistry and sometimes it is not working at all. But in the majority it is working by following just some simple rules.


Here you also will find information of each shooting and the models


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