Girls want to be beautiful. So as I don´t have a make up artist on the set, all the girls have to do her make-up on their own. This is not because of saving money, it´s a way to get a more intimate atmosphere during the shooting and makes the girls look as they like to look. There also is no costume provided, they bring their own clothes and are advised to wear the things they like or want to try out first time. These snapshots are dedicated to all the girls who are spending hours of their time to look as good as they can. This time is spent for us - men.


Alexis Brill Abbie Cat Abelia Alexa Wild
Betty Coc de Mal Rose Delight Rose Delight
Marilyn Denisa Doll Diamond Cross Emma
Amanda Baby Ann Marie Aspen Lindsey Olsen

Erica Fontes

Ferrera Gomez Inna Chrystal Love
Lola Marilyn Rose Delight Tiffany
Tina Victoria AKA Playfull Anne