Angel Hott      
  Age: 18  
  Nationality: Hungary  
No question, this is one of the most perfect looking models of all time. Just some days after her 18th birthday she started porn. I was lucky one who was one of the first to shoot with her. She was very, very shy and it was a lot of work to make her feel good. She could have become one of the world´s top stars, but somehow it didn´t work.  

1st Drawing

Some days later

The sold one


Interview with Lola Taylor



I did this interview with Lola in a chat and i copied and pasted her answers without caring about the english. If you consider that she all learned by herself in less than 1 year... it is remarkable.


Hi, welcome back,  i would ask you if you would like to do an interview (just text) for my website (regarding the rape and your new way in terms of painting and drawing)

Yes sure I can do
Ask me questions

Thank you very much and congrats to you nomination for AVN Awards 2015

The newspaper told that the rapists pretended to be producers, which is not true. Why do you think the newpapers invented that story?

Newspapers much that told lies, they don't know all truth. They tell it to hundred people it was interesting to read. They don't care of the truth

How was the reaction of your family?

My family was shocked, but in bigger shock there was my grandmother as to her personally home there came journalists showed my porno video. Journalists at this awful moment in my life made a lot of evil for me.

How have you been treated in the tv show? Did they treat you with respect or did they try to tell people that you are guilty yourself because you are a pornactress?

They spoke that I am guilty and that I provoked them. They didn't listen what I spoke, they didn't trust the lie detector which I passed, they simply wanted to accuse me for everything. In Russia I am not supported.

How was the reaction of people after your tv appearance?

More people's was on my side and beloved me because I did detector.

---(in this show there is a polygraph (lie detektor) installed where the participants of the show can decide to prove that they are telling the truth)--- Link

Did this incident change your attitude towards men in general?

No anyway I love mans, just in future I gonna be more careful , I cannot hate all mans , guilty the 2 mans and they will panish. I was not first victim and this is very sad , how many girls they make sad

You started to do drawings in hospital. Did you ever do drawings before? Do you plan to go on with drawing and painting?

I was start from hospital yes all right and my first paint was like this. I love draw painting I feel that u can be better

What do you mean that you can be better?

Yes I gonna to do this more and I sold already 3 painting and I m proud if this that somebody like my painting . One of them I sold to chine... I mean I can paint better

Why do you do drawings just on notepad sheets? Is this your style and does it have any meaning?

 I like draw what I feel, and when I start I was in depression , now I draw good painting no depressiv. Now I paint first A3.
It can be on wall. This I sell.

Did the incident teach you something?

Yes of course, now I won't be such naive and trustful to all

What are your plans in the future? Do you want to porn in the future? Do you want to start also a career as an artist?

I gonna to do all I want be porn actres again and I gonna paint , and now I write a book it gonna be autobiography and tragic roman , I want open myself from all side ,

Do you want to say something else regarding all this and your future?

Yes, let's be kinder and the world will become purer, and in general I want to change laws and to make like in America. There don't stand on ceremony with such article. And of mine a case still I am tried to be not accused.


Dear Lola, thank very much for your time and this interview. And all the best for your future.

Welcome, Thank you also. Bye.


If you are interested to buy some of lolas drawings, contact her here





June, 10th, 2015

Latest NEWS: As you can see she has done well. Now she has her first exhibition. Here is the TV Report. (in russian language)


Any upcoming news, dates and locations of her exhibitions will be posted here as soon as I am informed.

























































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