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A guy contacted me on facebook and asked for the permission to use a picture of Abbie Cat, which he found on my site. He wanted to use it as a cover image for his new album. I asked him if he could send me the music. As I listened, I had the idea of editing a kind of music-clip to this song. He also was ok with that. So here you can see the result. It is edited purely of the the numberous clips I did with this goddess. The guy who did the music is "june 1974".

This video of course is full of effects which don´t are used in the clips within my site and it doesn´t contain any explicit stuff like pussy, cock or cumshot - with one exception - at the end she just swallowed a load, but you hardly can see that :). It was banned from youtube and vimeo though because the action itself was maybe too offending :D

The clip consits of the very first BG scene she did in porn (it was for my site) and the last one was shot some days before she did the boob-job. The clips between have been shot when she was retired for about a year and just was shooting with me. We became good friends during this time and I support her still whenever I can. She now is retired 100% and runs a smoking fetish site... Beer and cigarettes always have been her favorites :)

Feel free to have a look at her site HERE.



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